Footprints Foundation Opportunities for Research and Collaboration

The Foundation is involved in training the Skilled Nurses and
supporting “train the trainer” of the traditional birth attendants. The Foundation also provides clean safe delivery kits to TBAs in different regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The regions are Region 1- Bukavu,Urban; Region 2- Mwenga and Kamituga, Rural.

1- Baseline literature review of outcome indicators comparing programs that provide training to programs that provide supplies.
2- Compare standardized curriculum to curriculum led by in-country practitioners.

Look at outcome indicators by setting up a database:

1- Pre-term birth
2- Pre-eclampsia
3- Shoulder dystocia
4- Birth Defects
5- Birth anomalies
6- Hemorrhage
7- Referrals or transfers to higher acuity
8- Cesarean deliveries
9- Maternal Death
10- Neonatal Death

Curriculum evaluation
1- Competency testing of SKBAs, pre and post tests
2- Verbal testing for TBAs

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